Krunchilli Creations

These are our favourite Krunchy, Spicy & Tasty meals, What are yours?

Gone are the days of plain old steak and veg. Add a little Krunchilli to any meat dish and watch it become a culinary delight!

We know sushi pairs perfectly with soy, ginger, wasabi... but have you tried it with Krunchilli? Sushi, soy and Krunchilli is one of our favourite combinations!

Good pizza is all about texture and flavour, a bit like our Krunchilli. Try sprinkling some over your next slice for that added kick and krunch – molto bene!

Impress your pals with the latest must-have addition to any platter – Krunchilli. Pairs perfectly with cheeses, crackers, dips, and just about everything else!

Some may argue that a good sauce makes a burger. We say burgers are better with Krunchilli.

Simply stir a spoonful of Krunchilli through your stirfry, and it’s like finding the missing piece of a puzzle.

Are you a red sauce or white sauce kinda guy? When it comes to pasta, we say both... as long as Krunchilli is in the mix. Fold through once prepared and enjoy.

Spruce up you salad! Mix through a little Krunchilli for a hint of spice, texture and flavour, or go for a heap if you and your friends are chilliheads! Either way you wont look at salads the same.

What better way to start your day then with a little spice on your breakfast fry-up? Our favourite approach is drizzled over eggs - fried, scrambled, boiled, it doesn’t matter, and it doesn’t disappoint.

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