We’re proud to partner with quality retailers and support them with bold marketing and sales initiatives along the way. Contact our sales and distribution manager below to start stocking Krunchilli in your store.

Chris Hewitt

We are all about team work making the dream work! Our retail partners are part of the team and we endeavour to support them in any way we can.
Some of the ways we are currently working with our retailers include:

Online marketing:

In addition to our website, www.krunchilli.com.au, we have active social media pages and are consistently working with influencers to increase public exposure to our products. We encourage retailers to take pictures and promote through social media, so that we can share and promote in return! Advertising through Facebook, Instagram and Google will also assist with targeting potential customers relevant to our stockists.

In Store Advertising:

We have a range of bold materials available for display in-store, including posters and flyers with holders. Retailers can obtain a permanent fixture display stand to amplify the exposure of Krunchilli in their store. In-store tastings with manned stalls are another option which have proven to be a great sales driver and education tool.

Krunchilli Recipes:

Krunchilli utilises it’s network of social media influencers to develop food and recipe inspiration which we showcase online through our website and our social media platforms. This is hugely successful in highlighting the versatility and uniqueness of Krunchilli and accessing a wide ranging audence.


If you have a great idea for using Krunchilli in collaboration with another product line, please let us know! We are open to discussing product partnerships and cross-promotion, and have had success in this area already. Retailers have created hugely popular products such as a house-made Krunchilli Hummus, and a spicy Krunchilli pizza - yum!