Beginning as a hobby for Baz Snr – a lifelong chilli enthusiast – this delicious chilli condiment rapidly gained popularity amongst family, friends and colleagues. Baz continued to tinker away, refining the recipe to perfection and bringing to life the unique and tasty chilli condiment known as Krunchilli!

In early 2019 Baz & co decided to introduce Krunchilli to the Araluen Chilli Festival in Western Australia. To their delight it received a gold medal award, and from this point things really heated up!

From this point things really heated up! It was decided that this incredibly versatile and unique crunchy, chilli condiment needed to be shared with fellow lovers of spice world-wide. Now well established as a locally made product in Western Australia, Krunchilli can be found on shelves across the country.

The Krunchilli Company is built on a foundation of strong family values, with virtually every aspect of the business overseen by a member of the extended family. On behalf of the Krunchilli Crew, we proudly present a product to excite your tastebuds and enhance many meals.

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Krunchilli Medium

6, 8 or 10 350g jars

Krunchilli Hot

6, 8 or 10 350g jars

Krunchilli Mixed Pack

6, 8 or 10 350g jars